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If you are in the market for a new bike - or even for your first bike, you definitely need to check out Trek Mountain Bikes. Trek Mountain Bikes have been around since the beginning of mountain bike time, and they aren't going anywhere soon - except maybe to the next challenging trail!

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Basketball Lessons Fouls Part

The term "foul" can refer to many different things, depending on which sport you are discussing. In basketball, it is defined as an attempt to cause disadvantage to the opposing team in an unfair manner through personal contact. Though most often committed by a member of the defensive team, an offensive player can be called on a foul as well. When a foul occurs, one of two things happen: either the offended player receives the ball and steps out of bounds to pass it back to a teammate, or, in the case that a foul occurs during the act of shooting the ball, the offended player receives one or more free throws (depending on whether the basket was made or not).

A free-throw is an uninterrupted attempt to make a basket and is worth a single point. It is shot from a designated line 15 feet from the basket, while the rest of the players line up on either side and are not allowed to distract the shooter.Game play is not the only way to receive a foul.

Should a player or coach show a lack of sportsmanship, perhaps arguing excessively with the referee (the basketball official) or fighting with another player, the referee (at his discretion) can charge the individual with a technical foul. This penalty awards the opposing team a chance at free throws (number awarded varies), and the opposing team is also awarded possession of the ball.

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