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If you are in the market for a new bike - or even for your first bike, you definitely need to check out Trek Mountain Bikes. Trek Mountain Bikes have been around since the beginning of mountain bike time, and they aren't going anywhere soon - except maybe to the next challenging trail!

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Safety Equipment and Kayaking

Riding a kayak can be a great experience if you have the right clothing. No one has a good time shivering and trying to stay dry when riding. Find the right protection from the cold weather and have one less thing to worry about makes the experience so much better.No matter what type of kayak you own the type of gear you use is very important.

Whether you own an Necky Manitou, Old Town, Wilderness Systems or a Perception Kayak you need to wear all the protective gear every time you paddle. A helmet is a great way to protect the most vulnerable area of your body, your head. Should you crash the likelihood of coming away unhurt is tremendously improved if you are wearing a helmet. The other piece of safety equipment to buy is a life vest or some form of positive buoyancy compensator. These two items could save your life.

Do your research and get the best.There are several other types of kayaking gear available, besides the helmet, to protect vital parts of your body. Gloves are always a good idea no matter which type of paddling you do. Boots are also pretty important as they provide extra stability for your ankles, and traction when you need it.

In the unfortunate event of a crash, boots can really save alot of pain and help avoid major injury. Using goggles will also keep unwanted items out of your eyes when cruising down the rapids or stream. The important thing to remember is that it is smart to wear all the available riding gear you can, but if you cannot wear all items you should at least wear minimal protection. Having fun and being safe are what makes kayaking such a fun sport for millions of people around the world.

.Nathan Biery writes for Rapid Kayak, a place to find information about kayaking. You can find kayaks, paddles, safety equipment, and more. See Kayak Safety Tips here. Plus we are constantly adding articles that can help people with many different topics.

By: Nathan Biery

Mountain Biking

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